Hans Appel is an Educator, Speaker, Podcaster, Director of Culture @teachbetterteam, Co-Creator @awculture, Author of #AwardWinningCulture, the perfect tool for building whole child intentionality and action through kindness, empathy, and service. Hans has worked as a counselor in the Richland School District for the past 19 years. 2 years ago, Hans launched his own blog about School Culture and rolled out a student-led leadership podcast called Award Winning Culture: Hosted by Wildcat Nation

Dr. Jason Ottley personifies a perfect blend of scholarship, innovation, professionalism, & heart. Jason is on LinkedIn @drjasonottley or website: bit.ly/thevillageinaction  8pm EST on Tues/Thurs he does a web series on Social Justice. Check his website for further information.

Frankie Mendoza is the Dean of Culture and Restorative Justice Coordinator at IDEA Public Schools in Austin, TX. IDEA has a “No Excuses” philosophy- students can succeed and achieve great things, no matter what neighborhood they’re in. Frankie speaks about his journey to and through college and how he implemented restorative justice at his campus. Follow Frankie on LinkedIn & YouTube channel @FrankieMA.

Jen Molitor is a Speaker and Author of The Happy Teacher’s Handbook- From Overwhelmed to Inspired- Helping Teachers Embrace Resiliency. She is transitioning this fall into her first principal role at a 4th/5th grade campus. Find Jen on Twitter @TeacherRenegade

Dr. PJ Caposey is the Superintendent of Meridian School District # 223 in Illinois, an award winning educator, keynote speaker, and author of 7 books on time management, teacher evaluation, student success strategies and student voice. As a district leader he’s developed empathy and the willingness to see adults become greater than they are. Follow him on Twitter @mcusdsup

Dr. Mechele Newell is a 2nd/3rd grade teacher/Change Agent/Advocate for the under-represented/under-privileged youth and leader in her local ministry in the Bay Area. A former laboratory scientist, she supports youth and education in the local community by volunteering in local public and private schools. Follow her @mechelenewell

Anitra Gallegos is the principal of Panorama Middle School in Colorado Springs, CO. She has worked w/ non-profit organizations on race-conscious pedagogy and educational equity. She has recently been recognized in her district for her work with ELLs (English language development ambassador award) and she set up a re-engagement center for special populations at the high school level in her previous position. 

James Divine is a middle school band teacher in Colorado Springs. 

Visit Jamesdivine.net and follow James on Twitter @jamesdivineco 


This podcast is hosted by Educational Leader and Speaker Dana Goodier, EdD. In this intro episode I explain the reason for the name "Out of the Trenches" and who I hope will benefit from listening to this podcast. Please rate or review this podcast wherever you listen (apple, iTunes, or Spotify) and tag me on Twitter @danagoodier.